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  1. Rebecca
    June 8, 2017 @ 2:26 pm

    I have lived in Gainsborough for six years and sometimes I question if I made the right choice, as there are no job’s which means people are breaking into homes and garden shed s to sell on and make money,it has also put people into a depression which leads to drink and drugs that then escalates into antisocial behaviour. The teenagers have nothing to do ,they may not like doing sports eg football etc, which then leads them to hanging around in groups around the streets of Gainsborough getting into trouble.We are lacking in shop’s unless you are a hairdresser ,or fast food place,Gainsborough it’s a lovely place ,but lacking in most area’s how can we bring money in to generate when we continue to be a poor area and don’t have government backing on thing’s. I would love to see Gainsborough thrive,bring in tourism and be proud of the town and the surrounding areas but who would come here to see our town for them to say there’s nothing here to shop around. I know we have a few attractions, The trent, old hall and Marshall yard and one other but that’s it. I am only saying what people already think.But again I would love to see Gainsborough thrive and a lot more community spirit.


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